We DO NOT provide healthcare services or advice. VaccTrackr strictly provides immunization and test data. If your results are wrong or the improper vaccination records are pulled into your account, please notify us immediately to rectify the situation,

Check back daily to see if your state has been added to our list of immunization record integrations! once you see your state on our map, you can request to have your vaccination records pulled into your account!

Yes, VaccTrackr encrypts and tokenized your data and monitors for potential breaches 24/7, ensuring you are being provided with the highest level of protection possible.

Over 50% of our team is comprised of cybersecurity experts who have worked with clients from all sectors including major banks, hospitals and Fortune 500 companies! Your privacy & the protection of your data is and will always be our primary concern above all else! Rest assured that the security policies enforced with VaccTrackr are always up to date with the latest cybersecurity products on the market.

Yes, if you can provide the proper credentials you can pull and keep your child(s) records in your account until they turn 18 years of age!

Not at the moment but check back for updates on new features and updates coming out!